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Roulette Wheels Online

There are mainly two types of online roulette wheels in the game of roulette. One is the European wheel with 37 slots. In these types of wheels in roulette there are 36 alternate black and red slots numbered from one to 36 and the remaining is a green zero slot. The other type of the roulette wheels online is the American wheel with 38 slots plus an additional double zero slot which is not there in the European wheels.

On the online roulette wheels numbers are spread randomly. The numbers seems to have no arrangement but these numbers are arranges in such a manner to decrease the chances of winning. The arrangement of numbers on the wheel is in a way that the primary bets are placed as far away from each other as possible to increase the difficulty level of the game and reduce the chances of winning and make the house edge stay at top.

The European wheels in roulette were created as an easy version of the game. It proposed to eliminate the double zero slot just to lower the house edge which is high in the American wheel. Although with this objective the arrangement of the numbers in the European wheel and the American wheel cannot be similar. The changes were required to make the European online wheels in roulette successful and accurate. Removing the slot for double zero would make two red pockets (numbers one and 27) consecutive, which would defy the rule that the pockets should be alternating black and red. This cemented the way for the reconstruction of the design of the European wheel. So, the difference in the roulette wheels online is not just the double zero but also the arrangement of numbers is different too.

There is one other type of wheels in roulette which are known as biased roulette wheels. The biased wheel has either definite numbers or collection of numbers from a particular section of the wheel that come out frequently than expected. With the help of this kind of wheel the probability of winning of a player increases as the predictability of the ball landing will increase. As the wheel has some physical defect or mechanical fault, the ball will most likely fall in the section where it is flawed.

The biased wheel can earn a player consistent profits from the game but to find if the wheel is biased or not might take thousands of spins. Huge amount of time and money is necessary for verifying if a wheel is indeed biased or not. This is relatively risky as the most important winnings have been detected in the past, several casinos have resorted to low profile wheels that do not have any types of faults and have lower predictability.