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Spinning the roulette wheel vs. Sports Betting - Comparing the easiest ways to gamble

We’ve probably all been there at one time or another, haven’t we? The bills have all been paid for the month and there’s still a little bit of cash left in our pockets. We’re feeling good about life, luck just seems to be right on our side lately, and there’s only one thing for it:

Take that extra cash and have ourselves a little flutter.

The only problem -if you could even call it such a thing- is deciding exactly what kind of bet you’re going to make.

The lottery is out of the question of course. It’s far too random, and when your only involvement is picking a few numbers and sitting back and waiting, it’s hardly the most fun thing to do with your time.

Then there’s the Craps table, but since your expertise with a pack of playing cards only extends as far as a game of Snap with the kids, that’s hardly an ideal option either.

Spin the wheel

That’s not to say you should rule out a trip to the casino all together. Make your way there, bypass all those complicated card games, traverse the rows of low-paying slot machines, and there, at the heart of any good casino, you’ll find the mighty roulette wheel in all its red-and-black glory.

As any great roulette game review will tell you, taking your place around the wheel is by far one of the easiest -and potentially most profitable- ways to spend your gambling money. Simply bet on where that wheel will land, then hold onto your seat as it spins by. Guess correctly, and the gains to be had are some of the biggest to be found in any form of betting, with one very notable exception.

The Big Game

Whilst the glamorous casino may be more synonymous with gambling, the action-packed world of sports does have its own appeal when it comes to placing a stake in the hopes of reaping some big financial rewards.

On the face of it, both are a more passive way to gamble than say picking up a deck of cards and trying your luck at Poker, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Learning how to play a game like that, especially to the point where you’re good enough to scoop the jackpot, takes a lot of time. With roulette, and particularly with sports betting, strong intuition and the ability to trust your gut instincts play a much greater role.

The real question then, is which one’s for you.

Choosing where to bet

If you already know a thing or two about sports, and at least have some idea of how well any given team is doing as they approach the next big game, placing a bet on the outcome can be a good way to put that knowledge to good use.

If you couldn’t tell the difference between Tom Brady and the Brady Bunch even if both were stood right in front of you, then you might better off with a game of roulette, where the totally unpredictable nature of wheel means that the only thing you really need to know, is how you’re going to spend those easily-gained winnings.